Rose by The Everygirl

83" sofa by The Everygirl

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Product Description

Rose proves that elegant design and plush comfort are not mutually exclusive. We partnered with The Everygirl to create a sofa that is equal parts timeless design, solid craftsmanship, and exceptional comfort.

Rose's seat cushions are over-stuffed; constructed of a high-resilience foam core wrapped with down. The seat cushions rest just below its carefully tufted arms. The effect is an extremely comfortable seat that recovers effortlessly. The back is rounded to provide the perfect level of support, while easily accommodating an array of your favorite throw pillows.

Factory Description

On an early ID scouting trip, we came across a factory whose craftsmanship and attention to detail immediately caught our attention. The products coming off their lines were exceptional. Everyone we spoke to articulated a passion for quality design, and the factory's product engineers were meticulous about every aspect of the manufacturing process: clean lines, premium inputs, and unique features we'd never seen before. We knew right away we wanted to work with them.

With simple maintenance, your upholstered piece should last for years. Follow these easy tips to extend its lifespan:

  • Vacuum regularly to remove dust from the fabric
  • Rotate cushions regularly
  • Fluff feather and down cushions to maintain their loft
  • Avoid direct sunlight for extended periods
  • When cleaning a spill or stain, avoid using water. We recommend keeping water-free cleaning solvents handy for these situations.
  • Attend to stains as soon as possible. Blot spills with a clean, dry, white cloth. Work from the outer edge to the center of the spot.
  • Do not leave items that may transfer color on top of fabric cushions (e.g. newspaper)

  • From factory to front door; leading to extraordinarily fair pricing.
  • Furniture made-to-order; enabling unique customization.
  • Design driven, quality centered. We're obsessed with quality control.
  • People loving. One point of contact and a 365-day return policy.

Michelle Boyd - 4/2/2015

Most Beautiful, Comfortable Sofa!!

My husband and I ordered the rose sofa in grey for our home and we are both in LOVE. It looks so elegant and beautiful, and is the perfect finishing touch for our living room. It is extremely comfortable and sturdy, with over-stuffed seat cushions deep enough for cozy cuddling and early morning coffee. (I can also say that with simple spot cleaner it is incredibly easy to clean -whoops!) Never have I been happier with a furniture purchase. We are over the moon with this sofa and know we will enjoy many years of it's comfortable elegance!

Lauren Wells - 4/21/2015

Looks great, but not comfortable

It took about four months to get the couch. The look is great, just as pictured. It seems nicely made. As for comfort, it's like sitting on a rock. It's so stiff, there is no sinking in or getting "cozy" with this one. I am crossing my fingers it will break in a little. I have had a few people come over and check it out and they have all mentioned that the couch is highly uncomfortable. I am looking to make do with lots of throw pillows and just pray that the couch breaks in a bit, because these cushions are as stiff as a board.

Lauren Wells - 4/22/2015

A very happy customer!

I had previously made a comment on the great aesthetic with the Rose Couch but that it was quite stiff. Within 24 hours, Jordan from Interior Define contacted me about the issue and offered a solution. THIS is customer service!! I am supremely impressed with how courteous and kind ID was in handling the issue. I wish other companies cared as much about customer satisfaction.

Tom Doar - 6/30/2015

A couch by any other name would feel (and look)...

As comfortable.
I'm no Billy Shakespeare but I love our Rose sofa and let me explain why: Like Lauren said the customer service was great. Michael and Jordan were at our house within 24 hours to rotate the legs of our couch and check our concerns that it was a bit stiff. They said that if it didn't loosen up a bit they would help us figure out a solution. It did loosen up and our family agrees that parting with the couch is our only sorrow.

Holly - 12/11/2015


Just received the Rose sofa yesterday (in a kind of peacock blue velvet). It is just stunning! It's so beautiful. The sofa arrived much earlier than I had anticipated, which was also a perk. The customer service has been great all along the way, right down to the delivery guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering a stylish sofa at such a great price point. It's just beautiful.

Debbie - 4/3/2016

They're beautiful

I'm lucky enough to own 2 Rose Sofas. My living room has two beautiful focal points across from each other so I now have a two couch configuration. I love them. We choose Stone as the color and I feared, after I placed the order, that they would be too light. They aren't... they are simply stunning. They are very well maid and I believe the material will hold up quite well. They are packed firmly and I see that some have described them as hard. I have no problem with it as I didn't want a too soft couch. Too soft, to me, can look frumpy. These definitely have an 'expensive' look to them and I would highly recommend not only The Rose but also this company. I was pleased with the construction and delivery time - the delivery people were very nice and professional.

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About the designer

The Everygirl
From the designers: "The first time we came across Interior Define, the brand’s aesthetic and accessible prices immediately struck us. We’re big believers in investing in neutral staple furniture that endures as styles evolve over time. We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate on two brand new styles, designed specifically with our readers in mind. Our style is comfortable, neutral, and classic (with a hint of fun) — like a Nancy Meyer’s movie where the space is both beautiful and lived in. Our take on the perfect sofa is one you want to curl up on — with your pet, your significant other, or a good book. It should be large enough to lie on or seat three people without being too bulky or oversized. It should also easily mix with different styles. Our Interior Define x The Everygirl sofa designs embrace these tenets, combining comfort and design.