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5% for Habitat for Humanity
5% Off for You + 5% for Habitat for Humanity. Ends 12/31.
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5% Off for You +
5% for Habitat for Humanity

Here’s to holiday traditions: We’re partnering with Habitat for Humanity for the second winter in a row.

From December 1 through 31, we’ll give you a 5% discount for shopping with us.* At the same time, we’ll donate 5% of sales to the organization. We’ve pledged a minimum of $100,000 in donations.

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About Habitat for Humanity


Number of people Habitat has helped meet their affordable housing needs since its founding in 1976.


Number of recovery services and construction activities in the past year in hurricane-impacted regions.


Number of countries worldwide where Habitat is active. In the U.S. alone, it works in 1,300 communities.

This year, give comfort—to yourself, your family, and the millions affected by flood, fire, and other circumstances.

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Living Dining Bedroom

As the bloggers behind popular Chris Loves Julia, Chris and Julia Marcum are a go-to source for beautiful and accessible home renovation tips and tricks.

Interior Define - Chris Loves Julia

Charly Fabric Sofa in Cross Weave Rain

Chris Loves Julia

From the designers: "A lot of times when you hear 'family-friendly,' it means 'kid-friendly,' but we actually mean it literally where it's safe for the kids in terms of their destructive habits, but also looks really good for parents or just adults in general. We did spend a lot of time perfecting the width of the arm; you want it to be substantial enough that your kid can sit on it, and the height needed to be comfortable where if you were laying down on it, you weren't straining your neck.


We added the lumbar pillows, which can be used as decoration tucked in on the sides, or you can move it to the back to make it more of a functional thing for a shorter person to cheat the depth. We love the bench cushion and how inviting it is for people to all sit together. We love sitting and watching movies with our girls as a family."

Interior Define - Chris Loves Julia

Charly the Marcum's beloved Saint Pyrenees (and the sofa's namesake).

Interior Define - Chris Loves Julia

The whole family on their first ID
piece, a custom Ainsley u-sectional.


Shop ID X Chris Loves Julia