HOW TO: Maximize City Living Space with Décor Aid

There’s no shortage of reasons why you should move to the city: arts and culture, great restaurants, exciting nightlife… But once you arrive, the living isn’t always so easy: crowds, noise, and—depending on what zip code you end up in—tiny apartments.

And although we can’t do anything about the crowds or noise on the street, (aside from recommending that you avoid public transportation at rush hour or pop in a pair of earbuds), we can assist with interior design. We asked our friends at Décor Aid for tips and tricks to creating a functional and fun apartment scheme with their favorite Interior Define sofas (like the Rose sofa in the feature image of a recent New Jersey project).

Alex Caratchea, Décor Aid Master Designer

Create defined spaces.
“In a city apartment, you don’t often have a separate living room, dining room, and den. Instead, everything is in one room, so it’s important to define spaces with area rugs. That’s why I like the Alice chair. Not only is it comfortable, but its swivel function means it can be used in different ways throughout the space. It can face the formal side of the room when you have guests, but then swivel around to face the TV area. I like to pair two Alice chairs with a settee and a sectional with legs, such as the Owens.”



Courtney Robinson, Décor Aid Senior Designer

Be realistic.
“Always be mindful of your space. In NYC especially, every square foot is important. Don’t be so stuck in what you want that you compromise function. So, if you have been dreaming of a sectional but your home only allows for a sofa with a chaise, it’s OK! Decorate for your taste and your space. The Sloan sectional is one of my favorites, and many of my clients love it, too. No matter the size, it has the same great modern, sleek look, and it doesn’t compromise comfort.”


Maureen Baker, Décor Aid Senior Designer

Work with your space.
“I think that one of the best and the worst things about urban living is that no two spaces are created equal, so what works in a converted factory in Brooklyn doesn’t necessarily work for an Upper East Side brownstone. It’s important to work with your space, not against it. Consider scale and proportion as well–don’t buy furniture fit for a mansion if you only have 300 square feet to work with. I love the Asher sofa for a contemporary urban space. With its chrome sled legs, it’s perfect for an industrial loft. Or, with the oak leg option it works in a family-friendly living room. I always tend towards heavy, durable fabrics in upholstery. Whether or not you have pets or kids, you need your furniture to keep up with your lifestyle. Interior Define’s Heavy Cloth fabrics are not only up for the task, but they have a smooth hand and come in the perfect palette of neutrals to complement any color scheme.”

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