MUSINGS: One Space, Three Sofas

The living room is the one room that really must do it all. It’s where you relax with family and where you entertain guests. Sometimes it’s where you work, eat, or even sleep (hopefully you have a comfortable sofa). In many ways, it’s the catchall of the house. No wonder it can present such a challenge to design. MUSINGS: One Space, Three Sofas

HOME TOUR: A Newlywed Couple’s Hollywood Glam Condo

For a young couple making the decision to live together for the first time, there are a lot of compromises to be made and, sometimes, heated discussions to be had. That is, unless you happen to be newlyweds Clare Kalimuthu and Michael Kalimuthu. Michael gave Clare carte blanche on their mid-rise modern condo’s design scheme in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, and for good reason. Clare has a natural eye, and she devoted a ton of online time to researching each piece of furniture and decor. In the end, she was able to craft a cozy condo with a touch of Hollywood glamour for the entire family, which includes the couple’s 6-year-old Beagle, Stevie. Here, she talks us through the process of outfitting their first home together. HOME TOUR: A Newlywed Couple’s Hollywood Glam Condo