NEW AT I/D: The Caitlin Collection by The Everygirl

For I/D’s new collaboration with Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss, co-founders of lifestyle blog The Everygirl, the goal was to remain loyal to the classic lines they love while embracing fresh new forms.

The result is Caitlin, an Old World-meets modern design with a feminine profile and slightly contoured arm, inspired by both the beautiful simplicity of Scandinavian furniture and by the more traditional shapes found in the early 20th-century English countryside. The shape is modernized with a straight back and subtle curves, along with a sleek brass L-shaped leg and on-trend velvet fabric. And the versatility of the Caitlin’s customization options, including a variety of leg styles, our entire I/D upholstery fabric library and five configurations (chair, loveseat, sofa, chaise sectional and corner sectional) allow the collection to work well in either casual or more formal settings.

The most important component of the Caitlin, however, is the one you can’t see: the cushion composition. “We focused a lot on the sit,” says I/D founder Rob Royer. “This was an important part of the design. We wanted it to be a really plush sofa so people could actually see how comfortable it is.” In order to achieve this, the I/D team developed an entirely new cushion, using new materials such as high-end high resilience foam and premium down feathers, (in both the back and seat cushions).

We asked Alaina and Danielle to tell us a little more about the inspiration behind the Caitlin, their design process and who the collection appeals to.

Everygirl_1221What inspired the Caitlin design? 

Honestly, a lot of Downton Abbey binge watching! We really wanted a contemporary take on that fabulous Old World feel.

How is your personal style reflected in it? 

It’s comfortable and inviting but still sophisticated, which is ultimately the end goal for us when decorating.

What was the design process like? 

We looked to rooms we’ve seen and loved in magazines and shows and movies over the years; then we reviewed current spaces in the city of Chicago that we love, and trends in the market. We pulled together photos of all these things and narrowed down the common threads to see what it was that we were drawn to. Ultimately, we landed on design elements that became the Caitlin.

How would you describe your aesthetic/style?

Beautiful and feminine but approachable and inviting. You’d never be afraid to kick your feet up in one of our homes.

Who do you think it appeals to, and why? 

We hope the design appeals not only to women but anyone looking for a comfortable, classic sofa design. The various fabric and leg options allow the Caitlin to work in any home.

What’s your favorite detail/feature of the sofa?

Definitely the cushions… everything from the luxe stuffing in the bench cushion to the perfectly sized bolster pillows. You just sink into it!

What’s in the name?

This was named for our first intern, Caitlin Timson, who was a huge support and cheerleader for The Everygirl from day one. We’ve loved having her in our lives and so value all she’s done over the years. The Caitlin—for our Caitlin.