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How to Shop for a Sofa Online

“Some aspects of sofa shopping, like sit tests, can only be done in a showroom, but online retailers have been stepping up their game, offering more product styles, lower prices, and personalized customer service.”

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25 Companies That Are Revolutionizing Retail

“Interior Define is making customizable furniture affordable.”

“Why it’s revolutionary: Interior Define builds every piece of furniture on demand and will customize everything.”

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One Sofa With the Works, Please

“Customers are pampered with a degree of customization (sizes, fabrics and a few other features can be selected), but the prices reflect the savings the company makes by dispensing with warehouses and middlemen.”

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Chicago’s Favorite sofa, ‘The Asher’

“By keeping minimal inventory and skipping elaborate showrooms, except for a small store in its Chicago headquarters, Interior Define can sell custom-made chairs and sofas to consumers more affordably, usually for about 30% less than those sold through more traditional venues.”

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Interior Define, Maker of Ultra-Customizable Couches, Launches 3D Visualizer

“Interior Define lets users customize around 20 different sofa frames, whether by dimensions, cushion firmness, configuration or by fabric. There are endless combinations and the ability to customize by dimension is something that is usually found at the very high-end of the scale.”

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The Future of Furniture: 6 Shops to Watch, The Rise of Direct Online Merchants

“Interior Define: Finely made and customizable upholstered furnishings sourced from quality factories and delivered to you.”

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The Best Sofas for Different Lifestyles

“The Budget-Strapped New Homeowner: What we love about this company is the free white-glove delivery, the 365-day returns and the opportunity to finally get rid of that futon from college.”

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The “Warby Parker” of luxury furniture

“I’ve always loved the furniture at Design Within Reach, but hated the price tags. Unfortunately, cheap knockoffs are just that: cheap. Interior Define is different. These sofas and chairs look and feel like $5000+ furniture but cost just a fraction of the price. Similar to Everlane and Warby Parker, they use extremely high quality materials but price their products without the middleman markup. If you are looking to buy your next sofa, skip Ikea, Crate & Barrel, etc. and try Interior Define first.”

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The Best Sofas for Small Apartments

“This streamlined sofa is a feat for Interior Define, a newcomer on the sofa scene. The linen-textured upholstery and chrome legs (of the Sloan sofa) don’t come at a price like this anywhere else.”

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