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5% Off for You +
5% for Habitat for Humanity

Here’s to holiday traditions: We’re partnering with Habitat for Humanity for the second winter in a row.

From December 1 through 31, we’ll give you a 5% discount for shopping with us.* At the same time, we’ll donate 5% of sales to the organization. We’ve pledged a minimum of $100,000 in donations.

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About Habitat for Humanity


Number of people Habitat has helped meet their affordable housing needs since its founding in 1976.


Number of recovery services and construction activities in the past year in hurricane-impacted regions.


Number of countries worldwide where Habitat is active. In the U.S. alone, it works in 1,300 communities.

This year, give comfort—to yourself, your family, and the millions affected by flood, fire, and other circumstances.

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Living Dining Bedroom

Tour theSkimm’s HQ

It’s a case study in how an office can feel like a home — and still inspire hustle.

Crawford Sectional in Pebble Weave Dove

Designing an office doesn’t have to be so different from designing a home. Case in point: theSkimm’s new HQ. “We wanted to give our employees a space that they could feel at home in,” say cofounders Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, who actually founded theSkimm on the sofa they shared as roommates in 2012.

Carly and Danielle talked us through how
they created an office that was more collaborative than corporate.

Q & A

What excites you about your new HQ?

When we first started the search for our next HQ, we knew this move would be a big one for our team. At first we were overwhelmed by the sheer size of the space, but as the various design elements fell into place we were so excited about what the new space signaled for the future of the company, our team and how we work, and our community and how we interact with them.

It’s filled with tons of sofas — more than a traditional office. Tell us why.

Sitting on a couch puts us in the frame of mind we were in when we first launched theSkimm. TheSkimm was born on a couch: we were two roommates in a tiny apartment, writing all night, and watching “Law & Order: SVU” reruns to stay awake. We want to make sure that as we scale, we keep that original hustle and remember where we started.

Tell us more about theSkimm’s hustle, and how the HQ design inspires it.

We tell all employees that if we give you a computer, an internet connection, and a couch, you should be able to do your job. Because that’s how we started. By filling theSkimm’s new HQ with couches, we wanted to nod to the hustle and scrappiness that is so ingrained in the company’s DNA from the start. We want the team to feel like they’re back in that living room where it all started. Even our conference rooms have couches and coffee tables instead of formal meeting tables.

Gray Sofas in Pebble Weave Dove with Gray Chairs in Monochromatic Plush Arctic

Sitting on a couch puts us in the frame of mind we were in when we first launched theSkimm. TheSkimm was born on a couch.

Why did you choose Interior Define?

Interior Define was an ideal partner for us simply because of the variety of styles, colors, and sizes we had to choose from. They allowed us to customize each piece to exactly what we were looking for to fit our space. Plus, they had a great teal fabric that is evocative of our brand color.

Which I/D pieces are your favorites (you've got a lot of them!)?

I think we might have every Interior Define style represented in the space. The low-back couches [editor’s note: Gray] are especially popular in the large front space, and the modular unit [editor’s note: Toby] is easy to shift around for quick team meetings or in-office events. For us, the teal pieces stand out as our favorites. Teal is theSkimm’s brand color, so we were thrilled to work with a partner that had the color as a part of their standard product offering.

Ainsley Sectional in Plush Sateen Tin

Our rule for the decor was that we only selected pieces or accessories that we would put in our own homes.

Sloan Sofa in Structured Cloth Swan

Even when your office is extra homey, there’s nothing like going to your actual home at the end of the day. What are your styles like at home?

At home, we’re pretty simple. Our rule for the [HQ's] decor was that we only selected pieces or accessories that we would put in our own homes.

What are you most likely to find stuck between the cushions of your sofa?

Our phones, for sure.

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity. All photos courtesy of theSkimm

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