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Pile on the Pillows

Available in three sizes and 75+ fabrics and leathers, our custom throw pillows let you add color, texture, and—most importantly—comfort to your I/D piece.

11” x 23” Lumbar - Static Weave in Domino
18” x 18” Small - Heavy Cloth in Natural
23” x 23” Large - Pigment-Dyed Leather in Pecan
23” x 23” - Pigment-Dyed Leather in Pecan
11” x 23” - Cross Weave in Rain
18” x 18” - Sequence Stitch in Boysen
11” x 23” - Monochromatic Plush in Arctic
23” x 23” - Structured Cloth in Swan
18” x 18” - Mod Micro in Shadow
23” x 23” - Textured Twist Cloth in Mist
18” x 18” - Mod Micro in Shadow
11” x 23” - Performance Felt in Chestnut
23” x 23” - Heavy Cloth in Natural
18” x 18” - Mod Micro in Dove
11” x 23” - Static Weave in Domino
18” x 18” - Mod Velvet in Emerald
23” x 23” - Herringbonein Moccasin
11” x 23” - Plush Sateen in Mustard


How to Order

Throw Pillows: Choose Your Piece

1. Choose Your Piece

When you’re ready to add throw pillows, simply click “add to cart.”

Throw Pillows: Add Pillows

2. Add Pillows

When prompted, follow the steps to customize size, material, and fill.

Throw Pillows: Check Out

3. Check Out

Review your custom furniture and throw pillow order, check out, and await your perfect piece.


What size, fabric, and fill options do you offer in your custom throw pillows?
  • Size: 11” x 23” ($30), 18” x 18” ($35), or 23” x 23” ($40)
  • Fabrics and Leathers: 70+ colors
  • Fill: Down or Polyfill, our down alternative
Can I order just throw pillows?

Throw pillows cannot be purchased alone, but only in addition to a new sofa, chair, or bed order. Our goal is to offer handcrafted, custom pillows (and furniture) at competitive prices. In order to do this, we ship your pillows with your piece, reducing overall costs.

I purchased an I/D piece in the past—can I get throw pillows now?

Throw pillows can only be added to new orders. Again, this is to reduce shipping costs and keep prices low.

How are your leather throw pillows constructed?

We back our leather throw pillows with our popular Heavy Cloth fabric in a coordinating color. This allows the pillow insert to breathe and prolongs the life of your pillow. Please note the pairings below:

  • Night Leather: backed with Heavy Cloth Panther
  • New City Leather: backed with Heavy Cloth Ore
  • Tobacco Leather: backed with Heavy Cloth Coffee
  • Palomino Leather: backed with Heavy Cloth Natural
  • Pecan Leather: backed with Heavy Cloth Natural
What if I need help choosing?

Our design specialists are at the ready to help you decide.
Call: 872-802-4119
Email: info@interiordefine.com


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