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COVID-19 Appointment FAQs

Can I schedule a same-day appointment?

We are requiring 48 hour notice in order to schedule an appointment* so that we have the appropriate time to receive your health questionnaire, and our design specialists can be prepared to meet with you to have the most meaningful appointment that we can.

*Our New York City, Chicago and Austin Guideshops currently require 24 hour notice to schedule an appointment.

I don’t feel comfortable disclosing any health information to you. Can I come for my appointment and wear a mask?

See below.

I don’t want you to take my temperature when I arrive. Can we skip that if I fill out the health questionnaire?

We have enacted both of these measures as safety precautions for both our employees and our customers. Currently, both of these steps are required in order to confirm an in-person appointment. We are only using this information as a preventative measure during the COVID-19 pandemic and will not store or use your information in any way. You can read more on our Privacy Policy page.

If you are uncomfortable providing health information, we also offer virtual appointments with our design specialists via Zoom or FaceTime. Our design specialists have been working with virtual clients since we were founded, and are uniquely equipped to ensure that you are 100% comfortable with your piece, even if you aren’t able to see us in person.

How can I be sure the Guideshop is safe when others are coming in for appointments as well? How are you disinfecting the space?

We are requiring all individuals in the Guideshop to wear a face mask, answer a health questionnaire 48 hours in advance,* use a digital thermometer upon arrival, and keep a six feet distance at all times. We will also regularly disinfect commonly touched surfaces. The health and safety of our employees and our clients is our number one priority, which is why we are only allowing a certain number of appointments per day with frequent professional cleaning of the space.

Note that we will not offer beverages or bathroom access during appointments.

*Our New York City, Chicago and Austin Guideshops currently require individuals to answer a health questionnaire 24 hours in advance.

Can I bring others with me to the appointment?

Unfortunately, we are only allowing no more than two individuals who live together to attend the same appointment.* In order to ensure that our employees and our customers are as safe as possible while in our Guideshop, we will be asking all attendees to complete the health questionnaire. We will be happy to call that individual via Zoom during your appointment so that we can ensure the best possible experience for you.

*Our New York City and Chicago Guideshops currently allow no more than three individuals who live together to attend the same appointment.

Is it safe to sit on the furniture?

Yes! Each sitting area will be covered with protective paper so that you can get a feel of our pieces in person. We will replace all paper coverings for each appointment.

Can I bring my kids to the appointment with me?

Normally, we would love for you to bring the whole family to test out our kid- and pet-friendly offerings. Right now, we ask that appointments consist of no more than two adults from the same household in order to maintain a safe environment for everyone.* We understand that not everyone is able to make that work, and if that includes you, we are more than happy to set up a Zoom or FaceTime appointment for an in-depth walkthrough of our Guideshop and products.

*Our New York City, Chicago and Austin Guideshops currently allow no more than three individuals who live together to attend the same appointment.

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Will it Fit?

A Guide to Measuring for Delivery

Use the guide below to ensure your piece will fit in your space as well as through the doorways, hallways, stairways, and/or elevators it will have to pass through to get there.

Will it Fit?

1. Find the Dimensions of Your Piece

Unboxed and Assembled

Use these measurements when determining if a piece will fit in an appointed room.

Will It Fit?

We list the length, depth, and height of all our pieces under the dimensions section of each product page. These are taken from the piece’s widest or tallest points. For instance, cushion overhang beyond the frame, the crown (highest point) on a fully fluffed seat cushion, and outward curves and angles are all included. Please note that our factory allows for a one-inch margin when measuring the size of your piece during inspection.

Boxed for Delivery

Add an extra three inches to determine if a piece will fit through doorways, hallways, stairways, and elevators.

Will It Fit?

Your piece may be shipped in a box or boxes (in some cases, it will arrive in protective plastic). The dimensions of your piece if boxed are usually about three inches longer on each dimension.

To allow for easier movement from the delivery truck to your home, large sectionals may be delivered in multiple pieces or boxes, then assembled on site. In some instances, the delivery team may remove your piece from its box to better fit it through your entryway and beyond.

Number of Pieces
Chaise Sectional2
Corner Sectional3
U-Sectional3 - 4
Coffee table1
Side table1

Keep in mind that these are just general guidelines. Please contact us at to confirm more precise dimensions and details.

2. Measure for a Sucessful Delivery

Pathway Measurements

Consider the pathway the piece will need to travel from the street to the room where you wish to keep it.

Will It Fit?

Measure the items listed below along this path. As you go, factor in low or angled ceilings, banisters, tight corners, and low-hanging light fixtures that may impede movement.

Compare these measurements against the length, depth, and height of the piece (plus three inches to account for boxes) to ensure it will fit through each section of the pathway.

Doors, Entryways, and Hallways

Will It Fit?
  • Measure the height and width of all entryways and hallways.
  • Measure the clearance of each entryway. This is the distance from the outside wall through the doorway to the opposite wall. If it is shorter than the length of your piece, your piece will need to be entered on its side. Check that the height of the entryway exceeds the length of your piece in order to accommodate this.


Will It Fit?
  • Measure the interior width, depth, and height of all elevators to be used.
  • Include the width and height of the elevator doors when open.


Will It Fit?
  • Measure the width of your stairway, accounting for banisters.
  • Include the height from the top and bottom steps to the ceiling.
  • Take stock of slanted ceilings, stairwell turns, and landings that your piece will have to fit around, through, and on.

Please Note:

All deliveries are done by two people. They cannot remove doors from hinges or hoist items

Your Room

Will It Fit?
  • Confirm that the unboxed, assembled piece will fit in the room where you want to put it.
  • If helpful, use painter’s tape to outline the piece’s length, depth, and height within the appointed space.
  • It may help to compare the dimensions of your new piece to current furniture. If your current furniture was successfully moved into your space, then a similarly sized piece should also fit. Comparisons like this shouldn’t be relied on as a substitute for thorough measuring; use them only as an added confirmation.

3. Prepare for Delivery

Clear a Pathway

  • Remove any potential obstacles between the door and your piece’s final placement, such as plants, chairs, accent tables, or throw rugs.
  • Remove any frames, artwork, or light fixtures from walls to avoid bumps or scratches.
  • Please confine pets to ensure they won’t be underfoot or escape out open doors.


If your piece does not fit, the order will be considered a return and we will refund the amount paid minus a 50% processing fee and shipping fee once your order arrives back at our facility. Take a look at our return and exchange policy for more information.


Have no fear, our Design Specialists can help you measure pieces for fit, create floor plan drawings, and help you visualize pieces in your home.

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